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Does the ECC21 or CM4/CM3 firmware get upgraded first?

Published date: 29 May 2020

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Firmware Upgrade

The order in which to upgrade the ECC21 and the CM4000/CM3000 depends on the firmware version on the CM4000/CM3000.

If the CM4000/CM3000's firmware version is 10.203 or greater, then upgrade the ECC21 first, in order to avoid comms loss to the CM4000/CM3000. Error 504 might occur as well when trying to download to the CM4000/CM3000 first. See FA212757 for steps on upgrading the ECC21.

If the firmware version of the CM4000/CM3000 is less than 10.203, then upgrade the CM4000/CM3000 first via the RS485 connection, not through the ECC21. See FA237920 for steps on upgrading the CM4000/CM3000. Once the CM4000/CM3000 is upgraded then upgrade the ECC21. The reason is that the ECC21 was not a function of the CM4000/CM3000's firmware until 10.203.

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