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7300 Webmeter Timestamp Explained

Goals and Symptoms

This article provides an explanation of the Webmeter timestamp found in the 7300 meter.

When the clock in the 7300 meter is synched to a connected PC, the 7300 meter displays the time in UTC (GMT) within Webmeter.  The reason for this is that the 7300 is getting a UTC timestamp from the PC.  On meters with a clock module, you can set the local time offset in the clock module, but this is not the case for the 7300.  The 7300 meter does not contain a clock module, so the conversion from UTC to local time cannot take place.  The time shows up correctly in ION setup (as opposed to Webmeter) because ION setup has the capability to use the PC's local time offset to display the time.  Webmeter does not have and cannot have this capability in the 7300.

Facts and Changes

7300 clock time synch webmeter UTC

Causes and Fixes

All ION meters use UTC time internally.  For the 7300 meter, there is no way around this except to manipulate the PC clock before sending the time sync command in ION Setup.
i.e.: to display PST in Webmeter, change the PC time to local time minus 8 hours.  Synch the meter's time to this, then change the PC back to the correct time.

More Information

See RESL188628 "How to Time Synch a 7300 meter using ION Setup"

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Related ranges: ION7300

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