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What is ATV71 fan control board part number and troubleshooting LEDs?

Published date: 12 June 2020

ATV71 Fan control board part number and troubleshooting LEDs.

Product Line:
Alitvar ATV71 High HP


There are two troubleshooting LEDs on the fan control board.

See the attached file to see the LED troubleshooting codes.

Please note that the following drives have the fan control board.

Frame size 10 is ATV71HC11N4 and ATV71HD75M3X
Frame size 11 and 12 are ATV71HC13 thru HC16N4
Frame size 13 and 14 are ATV71HC20N4 thru HC40N4
Frame size 15 is ATV71HC50N4

Frame size 10,11 and 12
1 Fan control board (VX5A1400)
1 Heat sink fan (VZ3V1212)

Fame size 13
1 Fan control board (VX5A1400)
2 Heat sink fans (VZ3V1212)

Frame size 14
2 Fan control boards (VX5A1400)
3 Heat sink fans (VZ3V1212)

Frame size 15
2 Fan control boards (VX5A1400)
4 Heat sink fans (VZ3V1212)

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