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How does an ION 8600/8650 with the standard power supply option obtain its control power?

Published date: 12 June 2020

The documentation for the ION 8600/8650 does not include all possible configurations.

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ION 86x0

ION 86x0 Control Power

How does the ION 8600/8650 derive its control power when there is no neutral conductor connected to the meter. For example: A 9s meter is configured with no neutral line.

When an ION 8600 is equipped with a standard power supply it obtains its control power from the line voltage at the "Stabs". 
It is possible to wire and power a meter with no neutral connected even though the meter has a neutral connection. 

9S/39S, 36S/76S 
120-277 VLN RMS (-15/+20%) @ 47-63 Hz

120-480 VLL RMS (-15/+20%) @ 47-63 Hz 

In a situation where the meter is configured with no neutral line the control power would be derived from 2 of the 3 phases. The voltage average between any 2 phases would need to be 120V.

When powering the meter with 120V L-L be mindful of possible voltage sags from the utility company.
If you require monitoring below 120V it is recommended that you configure the meter with either the standard low voltage power supply or the Auxiliary powered option.

Additionally, the ION8650 autosenses the voltage between Line to Line or Line to neutral. If the Line to Neutral value is within the correct control power range the meter will use that voltage to power the meter. However, if the Line to Neutral value is not with int the control power range the meter will use the Line to Line value

For Burden Ratings of ION meters, Powerlogic meters, and Sepam Relays, refer to the following link: index?page=content&id=FA212617

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