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How can I verify that the analog output of the ATV61 or ATV71 drive is correct?

Trying to verify that the analog output of the ATV61 or ATV71 drive is correct.

Product Line:
ATV61, ATV71

All models and serial numbers


1.  Set the Maximum Frequency parameter (tFr) to 60.
2.  Set the "AO1 type" to current and "AO1 min output" to 4. 
3.  If a wire is connected to AO1 then remove it..  
4.  Connect your mA current meter in series between AO1 and COM. 
5.  The value should approximate the "AO1 min output" from step 2.
Note: The analog output can also be seen by looking at the "Analog Outputs Image" in the monitoring menu under logic input map.
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