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How to Upgrade PM8000/ION7400 Webpages

How to Upgrade PM8000/ION7400 Webpages

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PM8000/ION7400 Webpages

Need restore or upgrade the webpages on a PM8000 or ION7400 meter.

To update/upgrade the meter webpages you will first require:
  • the webpage upgrade files - these can be found at The Download Center and entering either PM8000 webpages or ION7400 into the search function.
  • access to the meter's internal FTP site
To perform the update/upgrade:
  1. Connect to the meter's internal FTP site and open the webpages (web) folder
  2. Navigate to the location on your local machine where you have saved the webpage update/upgrade files
  3. Drag the resources and example folders into the web folder you opened in step 1.  Confirm to overwrite existing files when prompted.  Once confirmed, the files are then immediately transferred to the meter. If the entire folders are replaced (ie. deleted and re-added) to the meter's web folder any custom content will be lost.
For more information on meter webpages or connecting to your meter's FTP site, refer to the user manual for your particular meter.

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