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HEP meter v3.0.0 firmware and Power Monitoring Expert considerations

Using Power Monitoring Expert (PME) with HEP meter (ION9000, ION7400, PM8000) v3.0.0 firmware

Power Monitoring Expert 8.x/9.0/2020

HEP meter with clock module configured to use Ethernet time source and connected to PME via ION over modbus. See below for clock settings seen in Vista.
Vista Page with example clock configuration

Changes to security on HEP meters with v3.0.0 firmware may require considerations for meters in PME using ION over Modbus and time sync. PME with ION over modbus, using standard security, does not send the expected broadcast time sync packets. With v3.0.0 firmware, the meter will reject the packet and not time sync the meter. V2.2.1 and earlier would accept the packet and time sync the meter. Meters with advanced security configured in management console do send the expected packets.


1) Configure the meter with standard security in Management Console and set the password, default value is 0
2) Check the box "ION device is configured to reject broadcast timesyncs and secure time synchronization is desired" NOTE: the device is not actually configured to reject broadcast, this setting is just required to force PME to send the correct packets when sending a time sync message.
Below is diagram of security configuration in Management console
Management console security option pop-up
3) Click okay and wait a minimum of 30 seconds for PME to update cached information

4) Confirm meter is able to be time synced.

Q: How can I determine if my meter is time sync'd when using ION over Modbus and PME time sync?
A: Diagnostic module output register "Time Since Last Time Sync" will change to 0 when the meter receives a time sync. Note that this register does not update for all time sync protocols. This can be read from the diagnostic page in Vista or Web Diagrams for the device

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