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What is the minimum Ohms for DB resistor for Altivar 71 drives?

Altivar 71 DB minimum resistor

Product Line:


DB resistor

Minimum Ohms value for DB resistors varies depending on the power and voltage rating of the drives.
It is acceptable to use Dynamic Brake resistor values equal to or greater than the minimum values.
Do not use resistor values less than the minimum ohms listed.
Wattage depends on the desired duty cycle.
See information in the Altivar 71 Catalog and Installation guides for more details.

See table below

Drive part number Minimum
ATV71H..... Ohms
037M3, 075M3 44
U15M3 33
U22M3, U30M3 22
U40M3 16
U55M3 11
U75M3 8
D11M3X, D15M3X 3
D18M3X 4
D22M3X, D30M3X 3.3
D37M3X, D45M3X 1.7
D55M3X 1.7
D75M3X 1.3
075N4, U15N4 56
U22N4 56
U30N4, U40N4 34
U55N4 23
U75N4 19
D11N4 12
D15N4, D18N4 7
D22N4, D30N4 13.3
D37N4 6.7
D45N4, D55N4 5
D75N4 3.3
D90N4 2.5
C11N4, C13N4 1.9
C16N4 1.9
C20N4, C25N4 0.95
C28N4 0.95
C31N4, C40N4 0.63
C50N4 0.63

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