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What is the ratio for the MDGF ground-fault module current-sensor? What is the output on terminals 5-7 to breaker terminals M2 and M3?

Published date: 30 April 2019

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

MDGF applications

The MDGF current sensor has a 1000:1 ratio.
The output signal that will appear on terminals 5 & 7 of the MDGF summing module (to the breaker terminals M2 & M3) will be 1.73 V per 1000 A of primary current.
To summarize, injecting 1 A into terminals 1-3 of the MDGF module will be equivalent to 1000 A of GF current.
1000 A of primary current will generate 1 A of secondary current input to the MDGF module. This results in 1.73 V of output on terminals 5-7.

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