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How do I upgrade the RM PowerView Firmware?


How do I upgrade the RM PowerView Firmware?

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    • AP9215RM - Rackmount PowerView

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Instructions are provided for reference.


Here are the instructions on upgrading the PowerView firmware:

1.) Disconnect the powerview display from the UPS, PDU, EMS, etc.

2.) Connect the programming cable (APC p/n 940-0082). The female RJ45 connects to the UPS/PDU/EMS (etc), the male RJ-45 connects to the display, and the DB9 connects to a comm port on a PC with the new display firmware. Ensure the display is powered up.

3.) On the PC with the new firmware image, open a terminal emulator program (such as HyperTerminal) on the COM port connected with the programming cable. Use the following communications parameters:



Baud Rate


Data Bits




Stop Bit


Flow Control


4.) On the display, press and hold the 3 buttons (ESC, ? , enter key) until the display shows "Programming‚Ķ1.0"  The display is now in programming mode and is ready to receive new firmware.

Note: At this point, programming mode may be cancelled by pressing ESC on the display or by issuing CTRL-X (hex code 0x18) from the terminal session.

5.) Send the firmware binary file to the display from the terminal session on the PC using the XMODEM protocol. Once a download has begun, it cannot be cancelled. New firmware must be successfully loaded before normal display operation to resume.

6.) Observe the progress of the data transfer. If the transfer fails, repeat step 5 and 6. The display cannot resume normal operation until a successful transfer has occurred. On a successful transfer, the display will reset. Observe that it displays the new version number at startup.

7.) Remove the programming cable and reconnect the display to the UPS, PDU, EMS (etc) to resume normal operation.

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