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Instruction on how to upload the data file from the Magelis XBTG to PC using FTP.

Goals and Symptoms

To inform the user how to upload data files from the XBTG terminal via FTP.

Facts and Changes

Vijeo Designer V4.2 and above.

Causes and Fixes

To upload the data file from the XBTG Magelis via FTP, follow the instructions below:
1. Open a command window
2. change to the following directory:

  • C:\program files\Schneider electric\vijeo-designer\vijeo-frame
3. Below is an example of the command:
  • C:\program files\Schneider electric\vijeo-designer\vijeo-frame >datatransfertool ip user usernamepwd password get cf remotedatafolder log localfolder c:\temp\datafile r *.dat

    Note: Before executing the above command; C:\temp\datafile path must be created on your PC
    Username and password are configured in the Vijeo Designer project. The data transfer option must also be enabled. To configure these options, click on Target under the project tab. Then click on security. Under the security option, ensure that the data transfer option is enabled. And under the users, click on the ellipses button (...)


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