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Video: Updating DST Settings for Meter Clock using ION Setup

Updating daylight savings time (DST) settings for PowerLogic ION power meter clocks via ION Setup.

Product Line
ION7650, ION7550
ION7600, ION7500, ION7400

ION Setup 3.0

Updating DST Settings for meter clock using ION Setup.  This is much easier than using ION Designer, in particular, there is no need to predetermine the DST Start and End dates.


- Connect to meter using ION Setup. (See ION Setup user guide)

- Determine the physical location of device and the respective Time Zone (for UTC adjustment).

- Using Setup Assistant to set the time zone setting for the clock module.

- Edit the Timezone Register, making sure both Automatically adjust clock for daylight saving changes and Update all available daylight saving dates are checked.

- The DST Settings should now be updated

- Edit remaining settings for the clock module (refer to Time Synchronization & Timekeeping technical note).

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