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How do I interpret a Quantum serial number?

Schneider serial numbers for Quantum product are located on either the side or top of the item.
If you look at the first 6 digits of the serial number you can get determine where the product was built, what year it
was built, and the week of that year it was built.
The first 2 digits of the s/n tell us where it was built. 31 = North Andover Mass, 21= Carros France.
The second group of two digits (3 & 4) tell us the year the product was built. 00 = 2000, 08 = 2008
The third group of 2 digits (5 & 6) tell us the week of the year.  15 = week , 52 = week 52.
Example  s/n 311235xxxxxxxx   North Andover, 2012, week 35 of 2012.


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