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Video: How to setup an External Pulse Module to do an Energy Reset for a PM8000

Reset energy readings on the PM8000 meter is needed but the only way of doing that by default is to use a Master reset. However, a Master reset is not wanted to be performed

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Energy readings reset

PM8000 doesn't have energy reset functionality from front display or in ION setup data screens by itself. The only option available is a Master reset.

Follow the procedure or video below to setup an external pulse module that will reset energy values only.
  1. Connect to meter using ION Setup software.
  2. Hold CTRL key on your keyboard and click on your meter. That will open the meter in advanced mode and all ION modules will be displayed.
  3. Navigate to Ext Pulse Modules and insert a new module.
  4. Right click on the newly created module and rename it "Energy Reset"
  5. Double click on the "Energy Reset" Module that was just created and click on the "Output Registers" tab
  6. Edit "xxxx Trigger" and write "Energy reset" in the field and click OK, then click Send.
  1. Navigate to Pulse Merge Modules and double click on "Nrm Egy Reset" module.
  2. Click on edit for one of the Pulse In inputs under inputs tab.
  3. Choose "Energy Reset" parameter under \Ext Pulse module\Energy Reset and click OK, then click Send.

Now, whenever you send a pulse using the "Energy Reset" Ext Pulse Module, the energy readings on that meter will reset to zeros. See FA306427 for instruction on how to pulse an "Ext pulse module" from ION Setup.

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