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Common PowerSCADA Expert Installation/Uninstallation issues

It is possible a user can experience various errors when installing PowerSCADA Expert (PSE). See one example below:

"Request:RegisterAssemblies fail at function call:
RunExecutableWithReturn in broker:

Product Line
PowerSCADA Expert 7.4
PowerSCADA Expert 8.x

PowerSCADA Expert Installation/Uninstallation

These errors may be the result of a (previous) partial installation/uninstallation in which case remnants of PSE still exists on the machine.

*Warning: This article contains information about editing the registry. Improper changes to the registry can permanently damage the operating system. Always backup the registry before making any changes.*

If issues are experienced when uninstalling then attempting to install a new PowerSCADA Expert version, please try the attached batch files.
Note: Run (double-click) the respective batch file of the PSE version which was previously uninstalled.

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Uninstall_PSE_7.40_SR1.bat.zipUninstall_PSE_7.40_SR1.bat.zip [1.63 KB]
Uninstall_PSE_7.40.bat.zipUninstall_PSE_7.40.bat.zip [1.39 KB]
Uninstall_PSE_8.0.bat.zipUninstall_PSE_8.0.bat.zip [1.66 KB]
Uninstall_PSE_8.0_SR1.bat.zipUninstall_PSE_8.0_SR1.bat.zip [1.66 KB]
Uninstall_PSE_8.2.bat.zipUninstall_PSE_8.2.bat.zip [1.78 KB]
Uninstall_PSE_9.0.bat.zipUninstall_PSE_9.0.bat.zip [1.78 KB]
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