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How to detect the Vijeo Designer application located on the secondary drive at the HMIG5U startup?

Sometimes, on Magelis HMIG5U, when using the secondary drive (SD card) to store the Vijeo Designer application, the application doesn’t start.
This behavior appears when the EWF is enabled (Enhanced Write Filter). Due to this setting, the HMIG5U doesn’t detect the SD card quick enough and Vijeo Designer Runtime starts without loading the user application located on the SD card. In order to avoid this inconvenient, we can delay the startup of VJD Runtime.

To do that, you have to:
  • Disable the EWF
  • Create a folder "C:\DelayStart"
  • Copy/Paste the attached files: "DelayStart.exe" and "DelayStart.ini"
  • Open the file "DelayStart.ini" and check that "InstallAutorun=1"
  • Run "DelayStart.exe"
  • Disable the AutoStart of VJD Runtime via the VJD Runtime Manager
  • Enable the EWF and restart the Magelis HMIG5U.

After restarting the Magelis HMIG5U, you should have a new command in the Startup menu as described in the attached screenshot.


DelayStart.pngDelayStart.png [200.87 KB]
Startup_menu.pngStartup_menu.png [655.92 KB]
DelayStart.zipDelayStart.zip [403.41 KB]

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