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Parts needed to add ERMS only to a Powerpact P or R breaker with Standard Trip Unit (suffix U31A, U33A)

Published date: 30 October 2019

What is needed to add ERMS only to a Powerpact P  or R breaker with Standard Trip Unit?

Product Line:
Circuit Breakers

Applies only to Powerpact P and R Circuit Breakers, with Standard Trip Unit (suffix U31A, U33A)

ERMS with Powerpact P or R breakers is typically ordered in the factory assembled gear. If there are existing breakers without ERMS, adding it in the field CAN be done, but it has to be ordered as many individual parts. Since the gear would have been made without ERMS, there will be no provisions to add it, so it will be totally up to the installer/end-user to determine a suitable and code-compliant place to mount it. If field installation of ERMS is absolutely required, the below picture shows the parts that are needed. Note that this does not allow for additional communication with the trip unit, so it is only ERMS. (Addition of an IFE module would be needed)

Approximate power consumption of above components is 11VA @ 24VDC (Power supplies chosen will need to be added)

.28VA - Switch
1.2VA - Trip Unit
.72VA - BCM
4VA - I/O Module


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