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How do I enable Brake Logic Control on the ATV320 series drive?

Published date: 27 February 2020

Can not enable BLC (Brake Logic Control) on the ATV320 series drive.  No options other than 'No' are in the menu.

Product Line:
ATV320 series drives

All models, All serial numbers.

Unable to configure drive parameter

In order to enable Brake Logic Control on the ATV320 series drive, change the Macro Configuration  parameter, (CFG),  to Hoisting.  This will automatically assign Brake Logic control to the R2 relay.
Be aware that changing the Macro will result in other parameters also being changed. 
Follow the steps below:
  1. in the I_O menu make sure the R2 assignment is set to No.
  2. in the drC menu make sure the motor control type (Ctt) is set to uuC [Sensorless Vector]
  3. in the FUN menu under the bLC subment set bLC to R2

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