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How can we display the HMI's Event Logging CSV file in a nicer format?

The format of the CSV file produced by the HMI's Event Logging appears to be a long string of characters when opened as a text file.

Product Line:
Vijeo Designer (all versions)

Currently the HMI outputs a CSV file when "Save To File" is used for Event Logging. The resulting CSV file is exactly a file with Comma Separated Values. Reading this file is a bit troublesome in a text viewer. However, if you open the file in Microsoft Excel, you are able to format the way it appears.

Note the following procedure must be followed for the Microsoft Excel to treat the file properly:

1) Open Microsoft Excel (ie. do not double click the file to open MS Excel)
2) Goto the file menu and open the file by browsing for it
3) Now there will be a wizard to help you format your data according to the delimiter you set.

This will put the data in separate cells.

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Harmony HMIZVijeo DesignerE30 series Faceplate
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Harmony HMIZVijeo DesignerE30 series Faceplate
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