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Why there is only one PE (double) terminal in ATV process size 6 common for incoming (supply) cable and outgoing (motor) cable? How to connect doubled incoming PE wire and doubled PE motor wire?

PE conductor does not need to have the same cross-section as cross-section of the phase conductors.
The table on the following link shows the min cross-section of PE conductor. Please note that if phase cross-section is over 35mm2, the PE conductor size is enough to be half of phase cross-section.
For example if 2x90mm2 is used for L1, L2, L3, then 1x90mm2 or 1x120mm2 is enough for PE.

From this reason the PE terminal on ATV process size 6 (HC11N4, HC13N4, HC16N4) can be used for both power supply and motor cable.
PE terminal as well as other power terminals (L1,L2,L3, U,V,W) allow connection of 3 cables.
In case that incoming PE wire is doubled (2x70 or 2x95 or 2x120mm2), connect both PE wires under one screw in bottom line of PE terminal. Upper screw will be used for 1xPE conductor for motor cable.
If motor cable is with doubled PE conductor, then better solution is to add separate PE busbar in the enclosure. Busbar to be conencted with upper PE screw in ATV (1x70, 1x90 or 1x120mm2) and doubled PE conductor of motor cable to be connected to PE busbar.

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