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Length of the wire to connect analog I/O of two PM8000 meters


To wire analog output of one meter to the analog input of the other meter

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ION and Powerlogic meters 


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The user may want to wire the analog output of one PM8000 meter to the analog input of the other PM8000 meter, these meters could be located at some distance from each other.

The meter's analog I/O option modules can measure either low voltage or current using standard analog transducers such as 4 - 20 mA current transducers.

For an analog input operation, your meter takes an analog input signal and provides the resulting scaled value. For an analog output operation, your meter takes an input value and scales it to the appropriate signal value to send out the physical analog output port. You can view analog I/O values from your meter’s display or web pages.

The wire that connects the analog output of one meter to the analog input of other meter presents resistance to current, more length means more resistance, this will lead to a decrease in current. The user can still read some value on analog inputs of the meter if it is within 4 - 20 mA analog input range.

On the remote display or the front panel, scroll up and locate Inputs/Outputs--->Analog Inputs to read values.

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