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E7344 error on LXM32 drive

Published date: 06 May 2019

E7344 error on LXM32 drive

Product Line:
Lexium 32

Error E7344 occur because hyperface provides the drive with sine cosine signal and incremental position. The drive compares both and when there`s a mismatch comes E7344. The cause can be a faulty feedback cable or e.g. the pins in the motor socket are pressed (not correctly fixed) or faulty encoder. Another possibility could be high interference to the feedback cable/system. An often cause for E7344 is when the customer uses self made feedback cables. 

You can try the following to resolve the problem:

1. Test with a reference motor/feedback cable from a running system, check the EMC situation on site (ground the shield of the feedback cable and motor cable). 
2. Check if the customer uses origin motor and feedback cables. 
3. Have the motors ground connection via the flange, otherwise an additional ground connection (min. 10mm²) would be necessary 

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