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What is the serial number to use with WSOS?

Issue Customer installs WSOS 5 and opens the program for the first time. Once the program opens it is asking for a serial number. Product Line WSOS Recloser Resolution The following serial number may be used for all WSOS 5 installations: SERECLOSERS:JJC:32826

Are any of the QO breakers rated to accept 2 conductors under 1 terminal?

Issue: Product Design Features Product Line: Miniature Circuit Breakers Environment: Terminal Lug data Cause: Application Resolution: Yes, QO breakers (10-30A) are rated to accept 2 conductors under 1 terminal for copper wire size #14-#10. The breakers are also rated to accept 1 conductor for wire...

Can I use a larger HP Variable Speed Drive to run a smaller HP motor?

Issue: Motor is smaller than the available drive. Product Line: All Altivar (ATV) drives Environment: All Environments Cause: Motor and drive sizing does not match. Motor is smaller HP than Drive. Resolution: YES. In most cases a drive can control a motor with lower HP (and current) rating. The...

What can cause the ATV312 drive to trip on an OLF fault?

Issue: ATV312 trips on an OLF fault Product line: Altivar 312 Environment: All range All serial number Cause: The motor is pulling too much current? Resolution: Motor overload (OLF) is triggered by the motor pulling current above the Motor Thermal Current (ItH) that is programmed into the...

What is bus bracing and is it the same as the SCCR?

Issue: Is the AIC rating the same thing as bus bracing or bus rating? Product Line: All panel and switchboards Resolution: Bus bracing is not to withstand the current, it is actually to withstand the mechanical forces that will be created by the extreme magnetic field repulsion between bus bars...

What can cause an OC3 fault on the ATV21 and ATV212 drives?

Issue: Why does OC3 trips on the ATV21/ATV212 drives? Product Line: Altivar ATV21 ATV212 S-Flex Environment: All Cause: The drive is running and intermittently trips on the OC3 fault. Resolution: OC3 means overcurrent during constant speed operation. Possible causes : Abrupt fluctuations in the...

How do key interlocks work?

Issue: How are Kirk key interlocks (or other brands) used to interlock circuit breakers? Product Line: MCCB Resolution: If you have two circuit breakers transferring load between a utility and main (for example) in the absence of synchronizing equipment, it is acceptable to only have one on at a...

How is a fault code cleared or reset, on ATS22?

Issue: Needs to clear a fault code, on the ATS22 soft start. Product Line: Altistart 22 Environment: All models Cause: The fault code must be cleared to make ATS22 functional. Resolution: After the condition that created the fault has been corrected, a fault reset can be accomplished several ways:...

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What is the difference between PNP and NPN when describing 3 wire connection of a sensor?

Most industrial proximity sensors (inductive, capacitive, ultrasonic and photo electric) are solid state. The term solid state refers to the type of components used within the sensor. Solid state electronic components such as transistors are used to switch the output of the sensor upon detection...

What do the terms AC1 and AC3 mean?

Issue: What are the utilization categories AC-1 and AC-3? Product Line: Schneider Electric Products Environment: Inductive and Resistive Loads Resolution: AC-1 - This category applies to all AC loads where the power factor is more than 0.95. These are primarily non-inductive or slightly inductive...

Do we have any information on RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substance)?

Issue: Information available for RoHS (Restrictions of Hazardous Substance) Product Line: Schneider Electric, Square D Environment: Schneider Electric, Square D Product Certificate Resolution: For information on RoHS, check out the information on our web site at the following link:...

ATV320 corner grounded or side grounded Delta system

Issue: Customer has a corner grounded or side grounded Delta Power system, wants to be sure the drive will work with it. Product Line: ATV312/ATV31 Altivar 312, Altivar 31, ATV320 Environment: All part numbers, all models Cause: n/a Resolution: Yes, the drives can operate on this type of power...

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