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Lexium MAX

Multi-axes systems for 1, 2 or 3 dimensional positioning solutions

Multi-axis systems for 1, 2 or 3-dimensional positioning solutions

Lexium MAX
  • Features

    Lexium MAX H and Lexium MAX S double portal axes
    Applications requiring precise and dynamic load handling over long distances such as material handling, optics and pick and place.

    • Lexium MAX H consists of a driven toothed belt axis and a shaft-driven support axis
    • Lexium MAX S has a similar configuration. However, the support axis is also driven via a synchronous shaft
    • Highly dynamic even with heavy loads: for acceleration up to 20 m/s2 and loads up to 300 kg

    Lexium MAX P linear positioner
    Applications requiring dynamic handling of parts from or to conveyor belts, loading and unloading of containers, sorting and arranging of parts from containers or into containers.

    • They consist of two axes with Lexium MAX H providing motion in direction X and a Lexium CAS cantilever axis providing motion in direction Z
    • The linear positioner MAXP is used above or below the working area for moving loads with long X and middle Z movements.
    • Loads up to 50 kg

    Lexium MAX R.2 and Lexium MAX R.3 portal robots
    Applications requiring two- and three-dimensional movement of loads over great distances, aligning of parts in chaotic production processes, and inspection or measuring of parts or bodies with large surfaces.

    • Lexium MAX R.2 portal robots consist of two axes: Lexium MAX S providing motion in direction X and Lexium MAX H or a Lexium PAS B portal axis providing motion in direction Y 
    • Lexium MAX R.3 portal robots have a similar configuration plus Lexium CAS 4 or a Lexium CAS 3 Cantilever axis providing motion in direction Z
    • Complete system with mounted cable drag chain, motors and gears to save time when raising the machine
    • Loads up to 130 kg (MAX.R2) / 50 kg (MAX.R3)


    With T-slots on 3 sides for simple integration into existing structures

    • Carriage with drill holes for easier load mounting
    • Grease nipples accessible on each side of the carriages to simplify routine maintenance
    • Quick-coupling system for simple motor assembly
    • Strokes can be set to the nearest millimetre
    • Option to position sensors anywhere along the profile thanks to the T-slots


    • Manufacture and assembly of electronic equipment
    • Woodworking
    • Packaging and labelling
    • Material handling
    • Textile industry
    • Printing
    • Paper processing
    • Robotics
    • Material working
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