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Industrial Circuit Breaker Enclosures

<= 600 Vac, 15-1200A Provide exceptional performance in the most grueling conditions.

Enhanced flexibility for 15 A to 1200 A applications where a branch circuit disconnect with circuit protection is required.

Schneider Eletric
Industrial Circuit Breaker Enclosures
  • Features

    Features include:
    • Up to 600Vac (15-1200A)
    • Up to 250Vdc (15-400A)
    • Type 1 Surface Mounted (15-1200A),
    • Type 1 Flush Mounted (15-400A)
    • Type 3R (15-1200A)
    • Type 12/3R (15-1200A)
    • Type 4/4X/5 Stainless Steel Type 304 or 316 (15-800A)
    • Type 4/4X/5, 12 enclosures have dual cover interlock. It prevents the cover from being opened with the external operating handle in the ON position and prevents the external operating handle from being turned to the ON position if the cover is open
    • Accept 100% rated Circuit Breakers up to 800A
    • Meet the lock out/tag out requirements
    • Meet requirements of CSA C22.2 No 5 / UL489


    Commercial Buildings
    Industrial Buildings
    Water WasterWater
    Healthcare Facilities
    Data Centers
    Educational Campuses

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