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MiCOM C264

Modular and Compact Substation or Bay Controller, Smart RTU and Protocol Convertor

MiCOM C264 is the compact and modular substation and bay controller, communicating with IEDs and SCADA, acquiring input/outputs (I/O) or measurements and providing open automation processing in demanding electromagnetic environments

MiCOM C264
  • Features

    MiCOM C264 is Schneider Electric's compact and modular Bay Controller & RTU for demanding electrical substations.

    High performance and ready for system integration, MiCOM C264 is the rugged device, perfect for smart management of electrical substations.

    MiCOM C264 takes benefits from the IEC 61850 Standard for substation data modelling and communication with Substation IEDs such as Protection Relays and Measurement devices.

    With embedded cyber security respecting the latest standards (IEC 62351, Sys Logs), it offers a simple way for administration of users authorisation and authentication, security logs and offers high levels of robustness for critical infrastructures.

    Standard Manufacturers Warranty: 1 year


    MiCOM C264 Bay Controller and MiCOM C264 RTU applications contribute to:

    • Maximize Energy availability
    • Simplify the Control and Monitoring of Electrical Assets
    • Improve Security of operations in Electrical networks
    • Accelerate project delivery with pre-packaged engineering
    • Optimize the TCO – Total Cost of Ownership on electrical installations


    MiCOM C264 Bay Controller and MiCOM C264 RTU applications natively integrate to:

    • IEC 61850 substation data modelling with Ethernet communication
    • Flexible reflex automation, open automation with IEC 61131-3
    • Multiple protocols and proven interoperability with many IEDs
    • Isolated Inputs/Outputs and direct measurement acquisition (CT&VT)
    • Real time communication of the substation status and measurements
    • A robust and easy to use local HMI, designed for electrical substations
    • Embedded Cyber Security

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