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AccuSine Power Correction System

Active harmonic filter to cancel harmonic content with dynamic injection of opposing current.


Schneider Eletric
AccuSine Power Correction System
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    Power electronic devices which have repaid and frequent load variations have become abundant today due to their many process control related and energy saving benefits. However, they also bring couple major drawbacks in electrical distribution system; harmonics and rapid change of reactive power requirement. Harmonics may disrupt normal operation of other devices and increase operating costs. Rapid reactive power requirement change demands timely var compensation.

    Symptoms of problematic harmonic levels include overheating of motors, drives, cables, thermal tripping of protective devices and logic faults of digital devices. In addition the life span of many devices can be reduced by elevated operating temperature caused by excessive voltage distortion.

    The AccuSine® PCS Active Harmonic Filter (AHF) provides one of the simplest and most effective means to abate harmonics, reduce process related voltage fluctuations and improve equipment operating life.

    For more information on ways to mitigate harmonics and to compensate reactive power quickly in electrical system, click on this presentation. To determine the size of the AccuSine PCS unit required in your system, go to Selection tools

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