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HVL/cb Switchgear

The new standard for performance, protection, and dependability in power distribution

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HVL/cb switchgear is a new product for medium voltage power distribution that integrates the two technologies of a fast 3-cycle vacuum circuit breaker with a grounding disconnect switch into a small footprint.

HVL/cb Switchgear
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    HVL/cb includes three key features that improve safety and reliability in power distribution resulting from the new rewrite of IEEE Metal Enclosed Interrupter (MEI) Switchgear C37.20.3:

    • 10-year interval between scheduled maintenance activities
    • Completely de-energized breaker compartment during maintenance activities
    • Optional Arc Resistant Type 2B—Passive arc containment construction during operation

    The new language of IEEE MEI C37.20.3 permits for the first time an isolating switch to be used with stationary/fixed breakers. This is an alternative to draw-out vacuum circuit breakers, which are typically found in metal clad (MC) C37.20.2 switchgear. As a result, MEI C37.20.3 can be called a “new standard” for medium voltage power distribution.

    With six US patents pending, HVL/cb offers standard industry ratings, high reliability, arc-resistant construction, and is virtually maintenance free. The smallest ANSI-rated medium voltage breaker switchgear in the industry, it is an ideal solution for applications where medium voltage power distribution equipment (between high voltage transmission lines and low voltage power point of use) is limited by tight available space.


    State-of-the-art protection:

    • Reduced incident energy: 3-cycle protection on demand with high reliability
    • Vacuum circuit breaker: speed and overload improvements over fuse protection
    • Maintenance disconnect: 10-year interval, de-energized and grounded on approach


    HVL/cb is ideal for:

    • Transformer primary side main breaker
    • Transformer secondary “virtual” main breaker
    • Main-tie-main switchboards, including motor starters
    • Dual main breakers for transfer pair applications

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