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NQ Panelboards

240 Vac Lighting and Appliance circuit protection up to 150A

With 100-600A bus capacities, and optional fingersafe IP2X construction, NQ panelboards offer compact, flexible protection for 10-150 A, 240 Vac maximum circuits.

Schneider Eletric
NQ Panelboards
  • Features

    Proven record of reliable performance for 240V maximum systems. That is why NQ panelboards are so frequently specified to power lighting systems and small electrical loads in commercial and industrial facilities.


    • 240Vac, 48Vdc maximum
    • 600 Amp maximum main circuit breakers or main lugs
    • 150 Amp maximum branch circuit breakers
    • 10K thru 200K SCCR
    • Fully rated or series rated systems are available
    • Vertically mounted main and sub-feed circuit breakers
    • Ready-to-install main circuit breaker kits convert main lug interiors
    • Interiors are field convertible to top or bottom feed
    • Interiors available in plated copper or aluminum bus
    • An interior accepts bolt-on or plug-on branch circuit breakers
    • Complete line of UL Listed interiors with 200% rated neutrals for non-linear loads

    Column-width Panelboard Features

    • 240Vac maximum
    • Copper bus standard
    • 225 Amp maximum main circuit breaker or main lugs
    • 60 Amp maximum branch circuit breaker
    • Suitable for use as service equipment when using main circuit breaker with 30 or 42 circuits
    • Top or bottom feed interiors
    • Accepts plug-on or bolt-on branch circuit breakers
    • Solid neutral located on same end as mains



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