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Discover how to make more sustainable homes

CES Keynote 2023: Not just smart but smart and sustainable

Join our keynote from CES 2023 to see the next generation of home innovation. Experience the cutting-edge solutions transforming today’s homes into Homes of the Future.

Technology’s role in the race to build sustainable communities

Technology’s role in the race to build sustainable communities is part of a series of sustainability talks which explore the different bricks that build homes.

Design your home for life

Designing sustainable and smart homes is the key to reducing global warming and achieving a net-zero future.

Wiser for smart and sustainable homes

Discover cutting-edge innovations that help improve energy savings and optimize renewable energy use at home – a game-changer for sustainable living.

Put our products to the test

See how our latest innovative technology transforms a home. Have a little fun too while you’re at it.
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Energy efficiency: A priority for 9 in 10 homeowners

Our homes are becoming the biggest consumers of electricity globally when we desperately need to reduce our emissions. Smart home technology can make our homes turn from climate change polluters to net-zero contributors.
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KB Home

Learn about a first-of-its-kind neighborhood system that provides homeowners with 40 – 50% efficiency upgrades and resilient backup power.

Providence Homes

Know how Providence Homes, a Florida-based homebuilder, uses the Wiser Energy smart home monitor to prove how much energy their homes can save.


Did you know that 60% of your home's energy consumption comes from heating?


A partnership for smart homes and lower energy costs with Ecolost, a real estate developer.

Electrical installer Anders Aaby Svendsen

Wiser plug and play solution to reduce energy bills.

Discover more about sustainable home

Listen to "Climate change with net-zero homes" podcast

Homes will become the biggest consumers of electricity by 2050. While electricity is the cleanest form of energy, we still have to contribute to making homes smart, efficient, and sustainable. We invite Global CEOs, key opinion leaders, industrial analysts, innovators, and energy optimists to talk about reducing carbon emissions at home and leveraging smart technology so that we can collectively work towards limiting temperature rise to 1,5 degrees.

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Bringing innovations to homes: Celebrating smart and sustainable living

Schneider Electric awarded as an Eco-Leader by Green Builder magazine
The best home-related designs of 2023
Schneider Electric India reaps award at the Asian Technology Excellence Awards for mySchneider Electrician app
Fast Company: Ranked #4 within the list of the top 10 most innovative companies in 2022
Bringing innovations to homes: Celebrating smart and sustainable living
Best Smart Home Device: Schneider Electric Square D Energy Center
Red Dots Awards: Iconic, Unica, AvatarOn T, Wiser Free Locate Switch, and more
IF Design Awards: Iconic, Iconic outdoor, APC Gaming UPS, Unica System+, AvatarOn, and more

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1. What will houses be like in the future?

Environmental threats like climate change and global warming have been a perturbing concern for our world recently. At Schneider Electric, we believe in taking the lead by helping people build smart and sustainable homes with better efficiency and resilience. We help you build smart homes of the future that readily connect electricity with digitalization and contribute to carbon-neutral goals. Our wide range of solutions and services effectively transforms your home into a multi-energy source ready by maximizing electrification and providing a smarter energy solution for energy consumption.

2. What is an eco-smart house?

People these days tend to choose smart houses also known as green homes. Such buildings utilize technology that reduces carbon footprint and requires minimum energy consumption. The services offered by Schneider Electric can help you create digital homes that will increase energy efficiency by 50%, increase power reliability, and reduce electricity bills with close energy monitoring. Our company’s experts help you make these exquisite and sustainable smart homes of the future more intimate and spacious.

3. How are sustainable homes of the future beneficial?

New generations are emerging as visionaries. First, they plan and then take action. They understand the many benefits of investing in a sustainable smart home, like reduced energy consumption, low operating costs, pocket-friendly in the longer run, minimization of waste, and a much healthier lifestyle. Schneider Electric imagines the sustainable homes of the future to offer a complete grid for power management, charging ports at arm’s length, fully connected dimmers, and sensors in place of switches. In addition, we also have an option of sustainable retrofits; it effortlessly upgrades your existing home to be smarter and more sustainable.