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Schneider Electric Product Recall Safety Notice

Hazard: The wire binding screw within the lug body could potentially not be torqued properly to the Plug-on-Neutral bar. Over time, this unsecured electrical joint could result in losing the neutral­ connection and potentially lead to overheating at the load.

Affected Products: QO™ Plug-On-Neutral Load Center. Impacted catalog numbers can be seen below.

Remedy: Affected devices need to be inspected per our customer notification letter. Contact our Customer Care Team for support.
QO PON Load Centers

Safety is our highest priority, and we are working closely with the Consumer Product Safety Commission on this program. While this is a concern, we don’t believe there is an imminent threat. We have only received one report of such a loose connection and no injury or property damage has been reported. 

Free inspection and repair for recalled products shall be provided. 

Note that if you installed your load center (circuit breaker box) before 2020, you are not impacted. 

To find the date of your unit, look at the label on the inside door of the box. Find the date code as shown in the picture below.

If your date code falls between 194871 - 221343, request a free inspection.

Download Recommended Actions for Homeowners to find more information and full product safety notice for homeowners.

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Date code lookup

Watch the video above or check the graphic below for how to find the date code.

Please enter a valid date code.

The date code "" is not part of the recall. No further action is required.

The date code "" falls within the recall. Use the link below to request your free inspection.

Homeowners: How to find the date code

Start your request for an inspection

View the homeowners or professionals tab for instructions on how to tell which units are impacted. If your unit is affected, complete the form to request an inspection.
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