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    The history of Merten

    Merten by Schneider Electric is a company with more than 100 years of history successful designs and innovative solutions for intelligent buildings.

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    Since 1906, Merten has built its reputation upon innovative and well-designed solutions for intelligent buildings. Innovation, quality, and excellent design played the most important role in the development and implementation of Merten solutions and products.

    Milestone Dates

    • The Merten brothers establish the company in Gummersbach, Germany.
    • Initially producing electrical installation components, Merten moves into plugs and connectors.
    • Merten demonstrates design competency and innovation in its first switch with a screwless cover.
    • Merten focuses on building security and, in 1988, introduces its ARGUS movement detector.
    • The company launches TRANCENT, the world's first glass pushbutton, and the PLANTEC intelligent control device.
    • The company develops its merten@home system, allowing for control of all building functions by PDA, PC or TV.
    • Merten joins Scheider Electric, strengthening the group's global presence in the electrical installation market.

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