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How do I use Indirect Addressing variables in Vijeo Designer?

I want to display the data from a specific PLC Address, but also use the same variable to display data from an Offset from the original address.
For example, I have two pumps with Pressure values at %MW100 and %MW200, respectively. On a single Data Display, I want to be able to display Pump1 or Pump2's pressure value at the push of a button.

Product Line
Vijeo Designer HMI Software

HMI Programming

Follow these steps:
1) Create an External Variable called PumpPressure and assign it to the Modbus Address %MW100.

2) Create an Internal Variable called ModbusOffsetValue (Integer)

3) In the Property Inspector of PumpPressureInteger, activate the Indirect Address property and assign the variable ModbusOffsetValue

4) Assign the variable PumpPressureInteger to a numeric display on a screen

5) Assign the variable ModbusOffsetValue to a button to toggle assignment of a value of 0 and 100, respectively, to ModbusOffsetValue

As a result, PumpPressureInteger will display:
(a) The value in %MW100 when ModbusOffsetValue = 0
(b) The value in %MW200 when ModbusOffsetValue = 100

For a more detailed example, please refer to Section "Indirect Address Example" in Vijeo Designer Help.

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