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How to generate a custom grouping object per MDI device and link to Vista diagram

The user would like to have a custom grouping object for each MDI device when they click "Generate Network Diagram".  The user does not want the MDI icon to be linked to the default diagram.

Default Icon
Default MDI grouping object

Product Line
ION Enterprise 6.x.x
Struxureware Power Monitoring 7.0.x
Power Monitoring Expert 7.2.x

Modbus Device Importer

The user does not want the default bmp image for there MDI device and they would like to open a desired dgm once they click on the MDI device in Vista.

Vista looks for image file in this order:
1. _<Device Type as listed in NOM>.bmp (example _7650.bmp)
2. _<Protocol Name>.bmp (example _MODRTU.bmp)

Vista uses files in the folder config/diagrams/images/Default. If Vista does not find the device type or protocol name, it will use the grouping object icon to represent the device.

A dgm is not linked to the MDI icon by default. The user will need to add support for a dgm.

Note: A custom diagrams template will need to be created before the MDI
Also, if a .bmp image is used for a background, the image does not need to exceed the monitor's screen resolution.

Save custom image in config/diagrams/images/Default
Saving the custom image location

This name should be _<device type>.bmp (example for CM4mdi)
Device type entry screen

To add a diagram to the object:
> right-click New Device and select Advanced Properites. Ensure that the Default Diagram template label is at least V1.0.0 or greater.
This is to prevent diagram linking issues.
> goto Tools --> Add "Generate Network Diagram" Support (add custom diagram)
Then select the diagram desired to be opened with the MDI device.

Once a Network Diagram in Vista is generated, the custom image will be the icon for the MDI device. The selected dgm will open when the icon is selected.

Here is an example of a custom icon generated when selecting "Generate Network Diagram" from following the steps above.
The default icon are 30x30 pixel. However, the custom icon will work properly at any various dimensions.

New Icon used

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