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Link150 Password Reset

It is not possible to generate the backdoor password of Link150. We have to perform only the factory reset so Link150 will return to the default user name and password.
Product Line

Forgetting the web page password for the Link150

Module State Indication LED shall flash, GREEN for first 10 seconds, and then RED for 10-15 seconds.
Press and hold the 'reset pin' 1 - 5 seconds LED: Flashing GREEN
10 - 15 seconds LED: Flashing RED: All user-configurable information is reset to factory defaults

Release the pin when the Module State LED starts flashing RED (i,e 10 - 15 seconds)    Device reboots.
Factory settings will be applied. The default password can be found at FA299649

•    If the 'reset pin' is released, after 5 seconds and before 10 seconds, no action will be performed, LED will be flashing GREEN, till the 'reset pin' is released.
•    If the 'reset pin' is released after 15 seconds, no action will be performed, LED will be turned to GREEN.

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