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How to run Basic Reports from the Runtime on Power SCADA server?

Setting [CtAPI]>Remote =1 and configuring the Visualization tab in the Power SCADA studio were not adequate to successfully integrate and run Basic Reports in the Runtime.

Power SCADA 8.x, 9.0, 2020

- Applications (Basic Reports, Advanced Reporting, Dashboards, Diagrams) rely on Schneider Electric CoreServicesHost service to run which, in turn, relies on activating licenses. Therefore, without Power SCADA licenses, those applications cannot be tested.

-Citect Data Platform was not prepared properly for running reports from the Runtime.

- Ensure that you have the Power SCADA license activated and a connection can be made between Runtime and the Schneider Electric CoreServiceHost service. The details of the test can be found in this KB article mentioned in the Links section of this KB article.

- Prepare the Citect Data Platform in Application Configuration Utility (ACU), for Power SCADA 20202 version of the software, please follow the instructions in the System Guide; specifics appear in the Links section this KB article.

- The default SSO username and password are supervisor and 0, respectively. Please set Guest alias (that will use supervisor/0 combination) in ACU>Security>Single Sign On for Citect user.

- Power SCADA studio> Visualization> Add Basic Reports menu to the runtime: The function PLS_PSEReportDsp(“”) does not have any comma inside the double-quote of the argument of the function.
- Power SCADA studio> Setup > Parameters:
[Section Name]: Applications
[Name]: PSEHostname

[1] Testing connectivity between Power SCADA runtime and Schneider Electric CoreServiceHost service: https://www.se.com/ca/en/faqs/FA309377/

[2] Configuring Application Services Host—Citect Data Platform: page 188 of Power SCADA Operation 2020 with Advanced Reporting and Dashboards System Guide

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