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Approved USB memory sticks that can be used in conjunction with 300 series SCADAPacks

Devices tested by TRSS for commercial temperature ranges
These memory sticks have been tested with the SCADAPack 350 controller. They were tested at room temperature only and should be OK for typical insert-copy-and-remove applications.
  • Kingston DataTraveler
  • Lexar JumpDrive
  • PNY Attache
  • Sandisk Cruzer Micro
Devices tested by TRSS for industrial temperature ranges

If it is intended to leave the memory stick in the SCADAPack for long term logging, and extremes of temperature are expected, then a USB memory stick with Industrial Temperature range is required. The following device is rated for use over the full Industrial Temperature range (-40C to 85C / -40F to 185F).
  • STEC SLUFD256MU1UI-A (256MB)
Devices that are Not Supported
  • Any USB memory device that incorporates an actual rotating hard-drive. These units are typically the size of a cell phone or larger and may mention in their documentation any of the following terms: IDE, 2.5", 3.5", or, some number of RPM
  • Any device larger than 32GB
  • Low end non branded (usually trade show give away items) are known to cause issues or not work at all

    Important Notes

    To ensure optimum performance, use your PC to format any new USB memory stick to FAT32 file format (Right click the USB drive and select Format - if you have a choice of FAT and FAT32, select FAT32. Do not select Quick Format). This will get rid of any applications that may have been shipped pre-installed on your device and will ensure best performance.
    WARNING: USB ports may be permanently used in non-hazardous applications. USB ports may be used for corrective maintenance in locations classified as hazardous but are known to be in a non-hazardous state.

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SCADAPack 300, 32
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SCADAPack 300, 32