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45 mm x 45 mm modular range for offices

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45 mm x 45 mm modular range for offices

  • Egenskaber

    The Altira range consists of the following functions :

    • Control inserts and luminous control inserts
    • Comfort control inserts: dimmers, movement detectors, time delay switch, thermostats
    • Security control inserts: key and key-card switches
    • Power socket-outlets: French and German standards
    • RJ45 and RJ12 data sockets : infraplus, Lexcom connectors
    • TV/FM/SAT, loudspeaker and cable sockets
    • Control inserts for KNX system: push-button and IR push-button with remote control, movement detector and temperature control unit.

    The functions come with a wide selection of finishing and installation components to complete the offer.

    • Cover frames (up to 11 colours) and fixing frames from 1 to 6 inserts
    • Flush-mounted boxes (plasterboard and masonry wall) and surface mounted boxes

    All the functions meet the 45 mm standard.


    Solutions for commercial buildings!

    • Carefully crafted
    • Quick and simple to install
    • Easy to choose
    • Modular range


    Altira offers solutions for all commercial/tertiary applications associated with installation system or flush and surface mounted boxes.