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Emergency light fittings antipanic

Rilux, Primalum, Luxa, Domina, Rapida, Guardian, Exiway One, Exiway Plus

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Emergency light fittings

Emergency light fittings antipanic
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    Emergency light fittings: Rilux, Primalum, Exiway One, Exiway Plus, Guardian.

    Attractive design and installation accessories for many types of ceiling, flush and wall mounts.

    New generation of luminaries Exiway One and Plus: wide technical features and attractive design to be installed into all type of Building . Smart installation methods for quick and easy mounting . Range designed to provide high level of safety.

    New led technology in Exiway Plus provides two main advantages:

    • decrease of power consumption: Energy efficiency
    • long life service: maintenance is easier


    Current Luxa, Domina, Rapida ranges are substituted by Exiway One and Plus .

    The main functions of an emergency lighting system when standard lighting fails are the following:

    • Provides light when power falls. This avoids people remaining in the darkness and thus, avoids panic.
    • Clearly show the escape route using clear signs
    • Ensure that alarms and the fire safety equipment present along the way out are easily identifiable.

    Each product includes a battery and a light source able to provide a predetermined luminous flux for one hour or more.


    Many ranges to match all your needs perfectly

    Adapted to all building types, these emergency lighting ranges are one of the essential stand-by devices guaranteeing safety of occupants.
    They prevent panic movements in the event of serious problems (fire in particular).

    The light fittings guarantee safety of people in buildings open to the general public.
    Their simple design guarantees quick assembly and easy maintenance.
    By combining Teleur type remote controls with the fittings, the battery charge is preserved.

    Thanks to the use of LEDs in stand-by periods, these fittings offer extremely low electricity consumption, thus contributing to building overall energy savings.

    Automatically actuated in the event of power cuts, these fittings offer a clear marking of the emergency exits.
    They comply with European standards EN 60 598-1 & EN 60 598-2-22 and offer a high level
    of quality and safety meeting the various prevailing regulations.

    The ranges and their accessories are designed so as to blend perfectly into the aesthetics of various types of buildings, whether they be flush-mounted, in the false ceiling or surface-mounted.


    Ranges dedicated to all public premises: hotels, offices, schools, all shops, etc.
    Developed to ensure safe evacuation of all buildings.