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EcoStruxure ™ Secure Connect Advisor

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  • Egenskaber

    The CONNECT radio system is a bi-directional radio network. That means that all devices can transmit and receive signals simultaneously. Thus it is possible for signals to be routed or for alternative radio transmission paths to be searched for (e.g. during temporary faults).

    There are two configuration methods:

    • The EASY CONNECT method : To connect up to five devices located close together(e.g. in one room). Configuration is carried out manually.
    • Using the CONNECT radio configurator: For systems between different rooms with up to 100 devices and extensive functions (scenes, central switching function, switch times, individual key assignment).


    • Secure transmission using the 868 MHz frequency range
    • Meshed network technology using Z-Wave™ standard
    • Clear addressing enables interference-free operation of multiple radio systems side by side
    • Very flexible installation and configuration
    • No cable routing required, due to the use of battery-powered transmitters
    • Standard battery (CR 2450N) used inside the battery-powered transmitters
    • Extension of existing installations within the mentioned WD ranges
    • Implementation of groups, scene controlling options and central functions
    • The extensive product spectrum covers all areas of application such as lighting control, roller shutter control and scene.
    • Simple learning for freely programmable functions
    • Extremely flat battery-powered push-buttons e.g. for attaching to glass
    • Indoor transmission range: around 30 m (depending on place of installation and building characteristics such as materials and wall thickness)
    • Range in free field: approx. 100 m


    CONNECT radio system central unit including schneider-electric@home user interface


    • Universal battery pushbuttons 1, 2 or 4 keys
    • Universal 4 gang transmitter (flush mounted)
    • Universal remote control (RF and IR)
    • Move


    • Flush mounted receiver for lights (dimming/switching) and blinds
    • Design sensor plates for lights (dimming/switching) and blinds to be combined with electronic or relay switch and dimming inserts.
    • Plug adapter for lights (dimming/switching)


    • CONNECT radio system configurator with USB interface
    • Power supply flush mounted
    • Mounting material like wall brackets, double sided adhesive strips, aluminum coloured foil, screws and dowels


    CONNECT is a professional range of wireless products designed for use in the residential and small buildings environments.

    CONNECT offers not only all sorts of flexibility with respect to installation, but also in design. There are also compatible radio components for the Merten System M, Trend, Artic, Artec and Antique switch ranges, many of which have won numerous design prizes. Many applications make life easier.



    Conventional Applications

    • Controlling lighting
    • Controlling roller shutters
    • Activating scenarios (e.g. “Central off”)
    • Time switch function
    • Controlling individual and group functions
    • Web based control via schneider-electric@home on the central unit

    Multimedia applications

    • Multimedia activation via streaming clients (e.g. Squeezebox) as well as volume control, play, stop
    • Displaying current news thanks to RSS news feed
    • Signaling e-mail arrivals
    • Presentating pictures as a slideshow
    • Digital clock as a screen saver
    • Recording history data and forwarding by e-mail (e.g. if the lighting is switched on while the homeowner is on holiday, they immediately receive a warning e-mail)


    No damage to walls – existing wires can be reused and battery powered products will be added.

    Time saving – No cable routing required, due to the use of battery-powered transmitters.