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ADVC Controller Range

Protection Relay for Medium-Voltage Feeder Applications

Recloser and Sectionaliser Controller

ADVC Controller Range
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    The ADVC controller range offers advanced protection, measurement, diagnostic and communication features in a reliable package. Designed around the user, the new controller range offers flexibility and choice.


    Choose between two operator interfaces: 

    • flexVUE operator interface is best suited for users who prefer to work with status lamps and command buttons. It allows for use of a factory default configuration or can be completely customised to suit specific applications.
    • setVUE operator interface is suited for users who prefer a menu-driven operator interface. Simple menu navigation provides access to the relay information. 

    Choose between two cubicles: 

    • The ULTRA provides generous capacity for communications equipment or other accessories and offers a number of options for auxiliary supply connections. It is designed for complex applications such as substation use.
    • With the  essential features the COMPACT model is suited to straight-forward applications such as typical overhead feeder installations.

    WSOS5 (Windows Switchgear Operating System 5) is a software package that allows the configuration, control and monitoring of Schneider Electric’s pole mounted auto reclosers and sectionalisers.

    ADVC Controller Range interfaces to the following switchgear:

    Controller features include : 
    protection, monitoring, metering, control, communications and power quality.


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    • Improve SAIDI and SAIFI indices by automatically reducing outages
    • Defer capital works by offering features that reduce network stresses
    • Easily integrated into Smart Grid applications with advanced capabilities  such as Loop Automation and Automatic Changeover
    • Flexible applications from complex substation or standalone pole mounted through powerful automation and communication features
    • Automatic isolation of permanent faults
    • Reliable switching in enclosed chamber


    • Manual load-break switch
    • Fully automated sectionaliser
    • Normally-open tie point
    • Feeder Automationns