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Multi 9 Prioriteedirelee

Kuva andmed

DSE Load shedding device

  • Tooted A–Z

    The DSE range is made up of the following catalogue numbers :

    • DSE'clic 2 channels : 15910 - Single-phase load shedding of 2 circuits
    • DSE'clic 4 channels : 15911 - Single-phase load shedding of 4 circuits

    Technical data

    • outputs configurable by a selector switch : FP pilot wire (GIFAM protocol) recommended for simple and silent load shedding of heating or 1A output (add CT contactor)
    • power supply : 240 V AC +5% -10%
    • frequency : 60 Hz
    • indication of load shedding by yellow light-emitting diode, and of correct operation of the remote information bus by a red light-emitting diode
    • input for load shedding override

    Kõik tooted

    Enhance management of your energy

    DSE products enhance continuity of supply by avoiding breaking of the central circuit-breaker when power consumption exceeds the power subscribed by the consumer.
    To this end, they temporarily reduce or break supply to circuits considered to be non-priority circuits as soon as the electronic meter shows a reading of excessive consumption.
    They also

    • enable reduction of the electricity bill by authorizing reduction of subscribed demand
    • with constant subscribed demand, allow an increase in the number of loads in an installation
      These products, installed in the electrical switchboard, are designed to be implemented by an electrical contractor.

    Use of DSE products makes it possible to :

    • reduce the electricity bill : load shedding reduces the power subscribed when the subscription was taken out
    • increase the number of loads that can be managed, without increasing subscribed demand
    • enhance continuity of supply : as soon as the power consumed by the installation approaches the power set on the product, DSEs shed non-priority loads

    Kõik tooted

    DSEs are especially designed to manage load shedding of electrical loads in residential and tertiary installations containing an EDF electronic meter with remote information bus