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Vamp 200 seeria

Komplektne kaitse- ja juhtrelee toitesüsteemidele

VAMP 200 seeria pakub ulatuslikku perekonda kaitse- ja juhtseadmeid, mis sisaldavad keerukaid mõõtefunktsioone fiidrite, mootorite ja kondensaatorpatareide halduseks. Saadavalolevad mudelid: VAMP210, VAMP230, VAMP255, VAMP257, VAMP259, VAMP265, VAMP265M

Vamp 200 seeria
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        VAMP Customer Care Centre
              Customer Care Centre: We care!

        Dedicated and available, the Schneider Electric Customer Care Centre (CCC) provides a single point of contact for all customer enquiries, developing close relationships with customers.
        The Customer Care team with 1700 dedicated people in 68 countries provides world-class support on all Schneider Electric offers.

        Why contact?
        Your dedicated Customer Care team responds to questions on:
                 - Commercial - Products, Solutions, post-sales queries
                 - Logistics – delivery enquiry, order processing, price and availability
                 - Technical – catalogues, product selection, or more complex questions
                 - Service – intervention requests

        The team continuously improves its service level by using metrics such as customer answer rate within one day, lost call rate, and providing resolution in the first customer call. On one of metrics, we already perform at the level of the industry best!

        The VAMP range is backed by our continued and dedicated support to customer care, in addition to the Schneider Electric Customer Care process, we have linked our dedicated team based in Vaasa, Finland that is well known to business partners and customers. Expert services such as arc flash and protection system consultation, product training, site supervision, preset protection relays and power system simulation (many of these services complimentary) are available, as well as everyday questions and support.

        For more information or to answer your queries, Contact your Customer Care now, using the Contact us link, or by visiting