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PME 9.0 - Using DTE to edit Micrologic (A, E, H, P or X) driver and the changes are not taking effect

When the followed steps were followed to modify a Micrologic device driver to enable a new measurement pc-based log or any other driver modification, the changes made won't take effect. 
1) In DTE, open the micrologic_x.ion to add or edit software-based data logging. 
2) Before attempting any modification, select File>Save As
3) It will open the config/templates with the file name as "MicrologicX.ion" 
4) Select the right folder path to save the modified driver in config/translator folder 
5) Now, modify the driver to achieve your goal (for instance, enable all PC based-log you may want to add..etc).
6) Save it

Product Line
Power Monitoring Expert 9.0

DTE - Data Type Editor - Devices affected: Micrologic A, E, H, P and X

When attempting to save the new file (step 3), the suggested ion file name does not match the correct ones. Instead of MicrologicX.ion (or any other version), it should be micrologic_x.ion. Therefore, the system will not recognize it as the driver and it will use the default one instead. 

The solution is simply to rename the file to be micrologic_x.ion 
The correspondent driver name for a specific device type, check the database by running the following query:
SELECT * FROM [ION_Network].[dbo].[DeviceType]

Additional Information
This has been fixed in PME 2020