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EVlink Fast Charge Solution

Rješenje za punjenje električnih vozila

EVlink Fast Charge stations are designed to charge a vehicle rapidly: - 80% of capacity charged less than 30 minutes - They are intended for service stations in particular and parking areas

EVlink Fast Charge Solution
  • Značajke

    Features and technical characteristics:

    Mechanical and environmental features
    > Degree of protection: IP54 (except cordsets)
    > Degree of mechanical protection: IK10
    > Working temperature: -30°C / +50°C

    Power supply network and charging mode
    > Power supply: 400 V AC (+10/-15%), 3 Ph, 50-60 Hz

    Direct current charging station
    > Charging in mode 4 (IEC 61851-23)
    > CHAdeMO type connector
    > Combo 2 type connector
    > Charging voltage/current: 500 V DC / 125 A - 485 V DC with CHAdeMO connector
    > Electrical protective devices integrated in the charging station
    > Cable length: 4 m

    Alternating current charging station
    > Charging in mode 3 (IEC 61851-22)
    > Charging voltage/current: 400 V AC / 63 A AC
    > Electrical protective devices integrated in the charging station
    > Cable length: 4.4 m

    User dialogue and data
    > Backlit LCD graphic screen (2 lines)
    > 4 sensitive touch buttons
    > 3 twin-coloured LED status indicators
    > CPU card (with RFID)
    > Contactless reader


    The choice:
    A high end level product and several services:
    > Installation management on your site
    > Fast charge commissioning according to your application requirements
    > 3 levels (Ultra, Prime and Plus) maintenance contract
    > On call and remote assistance in major countries worldwide
    > Charging station upgrade with the latest firmware

    Installation and commissioning:
    > Performed by Schneider Electric or certified Partner.
    > A feasibility study should be carried out to assess the facility's ability. It will stipulate the necessary power, identify electrical duct routing, etc.
    > The optimum level of protection and monitoring for the charging station.

    > Online charging station support and diagnosis
    > Online software upgrades
    > Schneider Electric promotes maintenance contracts on customer request for uptime optimization