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    Sharon, Australia

    Marketing Strategic Intelligence

    "I’m working in a fantastic place, there are so many opportunities to develop your career."

Breaking boards and work rewards

"Taekwondo is my break from the world. When I’m training, any frustration from the day just melts away," says Sharon Mishra, a field marketing and communications expert for Schneider Electric in Sydney. When she’s not kicking through boards or applying her athletic background in the dojo — the same training ground where she met her fiancé — Sharon strategically plans, budgets, and executes marketing events, which she describes as hard but rewarding work. "But expression is the key. Like when I teach taekwondo, clear communication ensures productive training. The same is crucial for my role in marketing, as we are required to work with stakeholders from all over the globe. Both roles are very important to me, and both very satisfying!"
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