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    Yu-Siang, Singapore

    Company Programme Deployment Specialist

    "As long as you dare to express your talents, you have a stage to shine at Schneider. Our company is evolving quickly."

Yu’s many shades of green

An environment and sustainability engineer, Yu Siang Chieng is a voice of the company’s green mission. At Schneider Electric, Yu supports initiatives for a lower-carbon supply chain — one that zeroes in on reduced landfill waste through energy efficiency. "I’m an environmentalist who strongly believes that we need to instill sustainable living in those around us." It’s the outdoors that motivates her to create, though. "I like to immerse myself in nature, seeking inspiration … for cartoons, sketches of people, forest scenes and such. But whether I’m painting, sketching, or working, I’m always focused on the environment. Fresh air gives me peace of mind."
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