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Building Net Zero

The way to a 100% sustainable workplace
Sustainable buildings are a reality today. From our newest smart office building in Grenoble, France, to United Therapeutics' headquarters in Maryland, USA, these building of the future showcases our latest innovative solutions for sustainable, resilient, hyper-efficient, and people-centric buildings. Watch this special feature from Business Reporter to learn more.

Explore our IoT solutions for Commercial Real Estate

Delivering resilient solutions

Reduce vulnerability to natural and man-made threats with solutions for resiliency. In commercial real estate, it is critical to minimise risk in your portfolio.

With solutions that offer operational flexibility, remote operations and maintenance, facilitate re-entry and cybersecurity and ensure power reliability, you can maximise net operating income (NOI), attract and retain tenants, and enable the successful return to the workplace.

Companies like Boston Scientific use our EcoStruxure for Real Estate solutions to ensure that their facilities are running at peak operating performance to minimise energy waste, improve reliability and promote a sustainable culture and environment.

Because in commercial real estate, no time is a good time for downtime.

  • Proactively maintain your real estate portfolio with remote building operations and maintenance services through EcoStruxure Building Advisor. Gain key insights into building operations by constantly monitoring systems and identifying faults to proactively address building inefficiencies.
  • Schneider Electric is committed to providing solutions that support your needs for cybersecurity across your real estate portfolio. We apply a rigorous mindset, policies and methodologies in the development of our products and the implementation of our solutions. Skilled and certified professionals provide vendor-agnostic services to help you assess risk, implement cyber-specific solutions and maintain your defences over time.

    The threat of cyber attacks against building management systems is a growing concern. Schneider Electric supports industry-standard and IP-based open protocols to facilitate the secure exchange of data and analytics between critical building systems from both Schneider Electric and third-party providers.   

    All offers follow Secure Development Lifecycle practices which are globally recognised and based on industry-standard protocols. In addition, we safeguard personal and private data by fully complying with data privacy regulations and by incorporating privacy by design principles in our offers. Our operations team securely manages cloud assets, protects user access, monitors for unusual behaviour and responds in case of a detected incident following globally recognised practices and standards from ISO, CSA and IEC. To protect data confidentiality and integrity, we ensure that network connections between our customers and our cloud infrastructure are always authenticated and secured.

  • With ever-evolving energy and sustainability regulations at the local, regional and global levels, it's more important than ever to have a compliance and risk mitigation strategy. Meet the requirements of sustainable building certifications and reporting and demonstrate effective governance of your commercial real estate properties with Schneider Electric software and services. We can help you set and manage corporate targets, drive engagement through analysis and reports, collaborate with partners, suppliers and employees, inspire action on plans and projects.
  • Maximise NOI (Net Operating Income) of your commercial properties by making your buildings smart and agile, enabling tenant attraction and retention and an efficient to return to the workplace. Our smart workplace solutions facilitate people count, socially distanced workspaces and ensure real-time communication to keep building occupants comfortable and productive.
  • With the digitisation of building systems and the usage of digital tools by building occupants, commercial buildings are dependent more dependent than ever on reliable power.

    Digitisation of the electrical distribution system helps bring greater visibility and insights to facilitate the decision-making process. It also helps demystify complex power quality issues that can affect the operations and longevity of your commercial real estate assets.

    with EcoStruxure Power, we provide digital and power system reference designs and software that significantly streamline the design-build process, reducing both the overall risk and the cost of implementation.

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