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Switchboards and Enclosures

Schneider Electric India is a leading player in the realm of commercial and industrial electrical switchboards. These heavy-duty modular switchboards are commonly used in factories, industries, onboard automotive like trains and aeroplanes, etc. These electric switch boards are weatherproof - they can operate in extreme & hostile conditions. The low voltage electrical switchboards perform the task of circulating energy into the electrical system and help promote optimal power distribution. These switchboards also facilitate the distribution of power in areas where the voltage supply is low in comparison to the breakthrough unit. Schneider Electric’s range of Low Voltage Electric Switch boards come with prefabrication to mitigate the risk of short circuit or any other unforeseen & emergency situations.Electrical Switchboards are used to reliably distribute electricity across commercial and industrial facilities. A switchboard is a key element of an electrical distribution system which separates an electrical power feed into branch circuits while offering a protective circuit breaker or fuse for each circuit in a common enclosure. The age-old conventional switches are no more in trend, all thanks to the contemporary range of modular switchboards. For obvious reasons, modular switches have gained popularity in a very limited period of time. They are not only visually aesthetic but also safe and easy to use. Even besides this, you have a wide array of reasons to explore these new-age electrical switches over the traditional switches with Schneider Electric India’s diverse product ranges. Here are the primary roles played by Schneider Electric India’s electric switch board - Safety of switchgear, indicating instruments, relays, fusegear, etc. against mechanical impacts, vibrations and other external influences which could possibly interfere with operational integrity (EMI, dust, moisture, vermin, etc.) and The protection of human life as well as electrical equipment against the chance of direct and indirect electric shock. Universal Distribution Switchboards - Switchgear and fusegear, etc. are normally located on a frame at the rear of the enclosure. Interface and control devices (meters, lamps, pushbuttons, etc.) are positioned on the front face of the switchboard. Functional Distribution Boards - Generally designed specifically for unique applications, these distribution switch board are made up of functional modules including switchgear devices together with standardised accessories for mounting and connections, warranting a high level of reliability and the scope for last-minute and future changes.