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Welcome to the Schneider Electric Website

Welcome to our website.

Why optimising your electrical and automation systems is vital?

Increase the performance and safety of your electrical and automation systems and avoid costly downtime by correct maintenance and optimisation of your equipment. 

Get hold of Schneider Electric consultants who can audit, evaluate, and map your electrical and automation assets and systems with our best-in-class software and digital technologies.

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Sustainability business services

Cybersecurity services

Our cybersecurity services offer a full range of assessment, planning, policy management, and defence methodologies to counter cyber threats.
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Industrial digital transformation

Meet the requirements of a more efficient, more sustainable, and secure industry with the support of our industrial digital transformation consulting and deployment team.
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How can you benefit from our consulting services?

We offer advanced consulting services to drive sustainable growth, use energy efficiently, optimise enterprise data, and provide cybersecurity. Our independent consultants will help you create a strategy that supports your business and the environment. Energy consultants will guide you in procuring energy smarter and investigating suitable energy tariffs. Digital solutions will allow you to optimise enterprise data by collecting data from every facility and data stream in a single platform. And a global team of certified cybersecurity experts will help you deliver holistic methodologies to counter cyber threats.